It is time for round 2 in Golden Arrow Resources. I opened a new position in Golden Arrow Resources (GRG) for short-term. With an entry price of 0.285CAD I am looking for a 5.26% profit at a sell price of 0.30CAD. InfoOpen date: 17-04-2019Entry price: 0.285Target sell: 0.30Stoploss: noRisk: HIGHContinue Reading

A few years ago I started investing in cryptocurrencies, before the boom of 2017. During the bull run of december 2017 people were telling eachother they wished they had bought in before the the price-explosion.One year and a few months further we have experienced a drop of approximately 90% fromContinue Reading

3 Reasons to invest in cryptocurrency Why should you invest in cryptocurrency?As 2018 hasn’t quite been a good year for crypto, it might seem like it’s not the best time to get started in crypto. Though the opposite is true in my opinion.Here are three reasons to invest in cryptocurrenciesContinue Reading