Here are 10 reasons to invest in Ripple XRP.

1. XRP is primed to facilitate a big portion of the cross-border payments industry. XRP will be used as an intermediary asset in these payments. This makes it possible to transact way faster, cheaper and more safe. SWIFT currently facilitates most of these transactions, where approximately 6% of the transactions fail, get lost or require human intervention.
To this day XRP hasn’t seen one failed transaction.
Companies like Ripple, R3 and SBI Holdings are actively pushing for the adoption of XRP. The coming years we will see significant growth in usage of the digital asset.

2. XRP is down approximately 90% from it’s all-time high.
This means you will accomplish a 10x on your money if we get back to ATH.

3. When you send XRP to another person it takes about 4 seconds versus 3600 seconds with bitcoin.

4. XRP is the only digital asset working with the IMF and central banks.
Thus XRP is primed to succeed.

5. XRP is nearing a golden cross, which is a very bullish sign.
The coming months we expect to see a very nice rise of at least 200%.

6. Unlike Bitcoin or other digital assets, with XRP it is known who owns the supply and what is going to happen with it. Ripple, the most important company pushing for XRP adoption, holds the majority of the total supply.
They have locked most of their holdings up into escrows which will be released on set dates.

7. XRP is known for it’s explosive moves up. For the past few months we have seen very little action price-wise. Pressure is building up.

8. Good news is compounding and it’s not reflected in price. The industry is developing at a fast rate, with new partnerships, products/platforms and millions of people gaining acces to the digital assets space.

9. A massive FOMO + speculation bull run is underway. Interest in digital assets is spiking once again. With more platforms than ever the digital asset space is becoming increasingly accessible to the general public.

10. Wall Street is just getting started. Multiple platforms are being build as we speak. In fact, some of them are just waiting to be cleared by authorities.
They could be launched in the blink of an eye and start a new bull run due to new buying pressure coming through these platforms, but also the FOMO coming from the public.