After closing the wedge Arcadis did not go as high as I expected. I just closed this position at 16.64euro for a profit of 1.89% in 7 days. Open date: 07-05-2019Close date: 14-05-2019Entry price: 16.33EURSell price: 16.64Profit: 2.87% Long on Arcadis (ARCAD) for short-term by MakeThatMoneyWork on

Long on Arcadis (ARCAD) for short-term. After a strong uptrend Arcadis is now in a bullish falling wedge.This wedge will close in a few days. Hopefully this will result in a breakout to the upside. Open date: 07-05-2019Entry price: 16.33EURTarget sell: 16.80Stoploss: 16.00Risk: HighPotential profit: 2.87% Long on Arcadis (ARCAD)Continue Reading