Month: January 2019

Target reached. Position closed on 30-01-2019. I just opened a new position in Golden Arrow Resources (GRG) for short-term. With an entry price of 0.29CAD I am looking for a 10% profit at a sell price of 0.32CAD. InfoOpen date: 18-01-2019Entry price: 0.29Target sell: 0.32Stoploss: noRisk: HIGH GRG chart byContinue Reading

Position Closed on 17-04-2019 for over 10% profit. I just opened a new position in ArcelorMittal SA (MT).Currently the stock is priced around it’s support level of 19euro.I will put a stop loss on 17.50.With an entry price of 19.21eur I am looking to make a 10% profit at 21.11eur.Continue Reading

Target reached! Position closed on 01-02-2019. I am opening a new position: GoDaddy (GDDY).Currently the price level is on it’s support. With an entry price of 62.87usd, I am looking or a profit of 10% within one month. InfoOpen date: 16-01-2019Entry price: 62.87Target sell: 69.15Stoploss: noRisk: high GDDY chart byContinue Reading

Target reached. Position closed on 17-01-2019. I just opened a new position in Kiadis Pharma NV (KIADF).Currently the stock is piced around it’s support level.With an entry price of 8.92eur I am looking for a quick profit of 6% at 9.45eur. InfoOpen date: 16-01-2019Entry price: 8.92Target sell: 9.45Stoploss: 8.50Risk: High

Target reached. Trade closed on 18-01-2019. I just opened a position in Beter Bed Holding N.V. (BBED) at the price of 3.94 EUR. In the past year the price has dropped significantly. I expect the stock to have bottomed out at 3.38 and that it will recover to 4.50 EURContinue Reading

I am taking a small position in Nouveau Monde Graphite (NOU.V).Looking for a profit of approximately 10-15%. Currently the price is in the support area around 0.25 CAD. InfoEntry price: 0.265 CADTarget sell: 0.30 CADStoploss: noRisk: HIGH NOU chart by TradingView