3 Reasons to invest in cryptocurrency

Why should you invest in cryptocurrency?
As 2018 hasn’t quite been a good year for crypto, it might seem like it’s not the best time to get started in crypto. Though the opposite is true in my opinion.
Here are three reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum today.

Reason 1: Gains

Most of the coins are down 80-90% from their All Time High.
This means that to get back to these highs, they will have to increase with 500-1000% percent. While these numbers seem like a lot. Gains like these are not uncommon in crypto.

Reason 2: Wall Street is coming

Crypto has (so far) mainly been bought by us retail investors. This year that has changed. And even more so, in 2019 the institutional investors are coming. The Wall Street Guys are currently setting themselves up to start making the big bucks. In 2019 we’ve got a lot of good things coming, for example:

  • Fidelity digital assets
  • Bakkt
  • Erisx
  • Multiple Bitcoin ETF’s

Wall Street will prove crypto legitimate, and stimulate a flood of new money coming into crypto.
The cryptomarket is super small at the moment, which leaves a lot of space to grow.

Reason 3: Utility is coming!

Most of the coins have always been valued based on supply & demand. Some of these coins are now actually starting to get utility. The best example I can give you is XRP.

If you don’t know what it is for, here is a short intro:
XRP is the ideal digital asset for payments. It is low cost, super fast and doesn’t require miners. XRP’s primary use case lies in cross-border payments. Companies like Ripple and R3 have build software solutions which are being used by hundres of banks world wide. Eventhough only a few banks and institutions are actually using XRP right now, it is expected that a lot more will follow in 2019.

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Please do be aware that I am not a financial advisor, and that this video is just for entertainment.