A few years ago I started investing in cryptocurrencies, before the boom of 2017. During the bull run of december 2017 people were telling eachother they wished they had bought in before the the price-explosion.
One year and a few months further we have experienced a drop of approximately 90% from all-time high.

NOW is the time you should act. Moment is building up in the crypto space.
Governments are preparing themselves for this technological revolution and new platforms/usecases are deployed every week.

The best time to buy has come. Eventhough the bear markets seem to last forever, they will come to an end. And as we speak, we are entering the long expected bull market.

Over the past years I have done a lot of research into cryptocurrencies.
These days Bitcoin (BTC) is no longer the front runner in terms of technology. A lot of altcoins have strived to improve the technology and succeeded in becoming faster, more secure and less of a burden to the environment through electricity usage.
As an investor I look for good risk reward ratios. Right now the technology behind BTC, the massive control of mining power by China, hardforks, the inability to scale properly and the lack of a usecase are my top reasons to leave BTC out of my portfolio.

There are multiple cryptocurrencies in my portfolio for it’s own reasons.
These are my top picks:

My absolute favourite is XRP. This is the one which has the most potential because of it’s usecase (in my eyes). XRP is destined to become the intermediary asset for the vast majority of (cross-border) payments.
The most important player striving this goal is Ripple, where they are doing a great job in creating an ecosystem in which XRP can flourish. Other companies contributing in creating this ecosystem are R3 and SBI.

Right now (April 2019) is the month I am enlarging my stack of XRP.

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