Fugro (FUR) just teacher our target. We just sold our position at 7.71EUR. For a very decent profit of 10.14% in lees dan 2 months! Check our previous post about Fugro here. Open date: 03-06-2019Entry price: 7.00Dell price: 7.71Profit: 10.14%Close date: 27-07-2019 Fugro FUR – Buy order placed at 7.00euroContinue Reading

Inactive. Trade closed for profit. Our buy order has been filled on the third of june at 7.00EUR.Sell order is set at 7.70EUR. Check our previous post about Fugro here. Open date: 03-06-2019Entry price: 7.00Target sell: 7.70Stoploss: 6.75Risk: Medium Fugro FUR – Buy order placed at 7.00euro by MakeThatMoneyWork onContinue Reading

Here are 10 reasons to invest in Ripple XRP. 1. XRP is primed to facilitate a big portion of the cross-border payments industry. XRP will be used as an intermediary asset in these payments. This makes it possible to transact way faster, cheaper and more safe. SWIFT currently facilitates mostContinue Reading

After closing the wedge Arcadis did not go as high as I expected. I just closed this position at 16.64euro for a profit of 1.89% in 7 days. Open date: 07-05-2019Close date: 14-05-2019Entry price: 16.33EURSell price: 16.64Profit: 2.87% Long on Arcadis (ARCAD) for short-term by MakeThatMoneyWork on TradingView.com

Long on Arcadis (ARCAD) for short-term. After a strong uptrend Arcadis is now in a bullish falling wedge.This wedge will close in a few days. Hopefully this will result in a breakout to the upside. Open date: 07-05-2019Entry price: 16.33EURTarget sell: 16.80Stoploss: 16.00Risk: HighPotential profit: 2.87% Long on Arcadis (ARCAD)Continue Reading

Did you ever accomplish it? A tenfold return on your money? Most people haven’t. The first time you get that tenfold will be breathtaking.But it will also make you greedy. Will you be able to cash out?Before you start investing I recommend you to stick to your plan and beContinue Reading

It is time for round 2 in Golden Arrow Resources. I opened a new position in Golden Arrow Resources (GRG) for short-term. With an entry price of 0.285CAD I am looking for a 5.26% profit at a sell price of 0.30CAD. InfoOpen date: 17-04-2019Entry price: 0.285Target sell: 0.30Stoploss: noRisk: HIGHContinue Reading

ArcelorMittal has just reached our target. We have been in the red with this position for some time, but stuck through it. Now the patience has paid off. I just closed my position in ArcelorMittal SA (MT) on 21.18euro.With an entry price of 19.21 that leaves us a very niceContinue Reading